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The current releases are DM Electrical RT 1.3, DM Electrical 8.5, DM HVAC 7.3, and DM Plumbing 4.1. We are not adding new features to these releases.

The next releases will be DM Electrical RT 1.4, DM Electrical 8.6, DM HVAC 7.4, and DM Plumbing 4.2 We are actively working on these release and using this wishlist to guide which features we implement. Some features you see marked as “complete” will not be available until these releases are finished.

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  1. Update Pipe Breaks on Save or Open

    When inserting fittings or piping the software will go through a regeneration process after each item is inserted. When files are small this is not a big deal. On large projects there is a noticeable delay and the software zooms out to the extents and then back into the area you are working on. Rather than do this on every change, include an option to only do this when the drawing is saved (and possibly when the drawing is opened).

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