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Fire Alarms

Add better support for fire alarm system design.

Various improvements related to this suggestion include:

Add 12V, 14V, 16V, 18V and 24V DC device support for Fire Alarm Systems

Change loads from KVA to mA or even VA. Two load types should be
available, standby power and alarm power for each FA device.

Add ability for wiring such as 24, 22, 18, 16, and 14 awg.

Add ability to perform standby and alarm battery ampere-hour

Display length, current, voltage, and voltage drop for each circuit.

Have fire alarm panels with appropriate attributes, such as alarm time, standby time, battery multiplier and voltage drop limits.

Have specific conductors for fire alarm circuits based upon voltage drop, UL listings and conditions.

Calculate the size of the battery required for the system.

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